Posted about 2 months ago

How to trust a turnkey provider

So you just joined Bigger Pockets or simply heard from a friend about how people are claiming to be making passive income buying a property sold by a "Turnkey Provider" this sounds great, right? Think it's that easy do you? Well, let me shine some light on a few simple steps before you go jumping into the pond of turnkey investing and learn the hard way it's really an ocean. First, how well do you know the area your looking to buy a house? How well do you know the history of the property you are thinking will make you an easy $500 - $700 per month? Have you checked the background of the people that are feeding you information about a great deal you are about to purchase? This is the start of a blog about tactics "Turnkey Providers" do not want you "The Investor" to know. Over the past 2 years I have preformed over 200+ rehabs for different providers in Kansas City, MO. WOW, the things that I did learn!  Today is the start of sharing everything, from how I got started in real estate, to the rehab insider information I know, as well where I am today as it stands in this business. There are SELECT providers that are simple crappy salesman, in other words, they throw some salty sales pitch together to get you hooked, when really they're going to lip stick a pig and charge you 25% more for the property, all because they offer in house property management or in house construction. Well this blog will not include any providers names or company names. However, it will include experiences that are real as well as fact filled. I am hoping the information shared over time in this blog is priceless and helpful to those in need of the information. If my experiences and observation can educate future investors or current investors to be better then that will fufill my purpose for this blog. I plan to share a REAL experience each day GOOD or BAD while working close with "Turnkey Providers" over the past 2 years.