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Loan Modification Hardship Letter Request

How should I write a hardship letter to get a mortgage loan modification?

A loan modification hardship letter sample is something most mortgage companies or mortgage loan modification programs will require to even consider you for a mortgage loan modification. Your mortgage loan modification hardship letter is your one chance to explain your predicament and appeal to the mortgage company for another chance.

Your mortgage loan modification hardship letter sample should not be a platform for you to fuss, whine or complain about your situation. Regardless of how you feel, you have to remember, "you catch more flies with sugar than with salt". If you have already made insults or stuck your perverbial foot in your mouth, you may need to "eat some crow", so to speak, in order to get the results you need. Don't make your situation worse by entertaining your lender with non-productive, perverse or child-like bantor. Arguing is the worst thing you can do at this point. Remember, he who holds the gold makes the rules.

Your letter must be honest and represent the facts clearly. It must prove to your lender that your situation was caused through no fault of your own and the fact that you fell behind was temporary.  You must also prove that you are now in a position to make your payments on time.

You must also have a legitimate excuse for falling behind… financial problems in itself would not be an adequate excuse. Loss of a job, death in the family or an illness would be an acceptable reason to fall behind on your Mortgage temporarily. Below is a good sample hardship letter that a mortgage company may be looking for in order to complete your request for mortgage loan modification:

To: MyBank Mortgage - Aaccount # XXX-XXXX

Re: Mortgage Loan Modification Request

I wish to be considered for a loan modification on my current loan that I have with you. Recent changes in my (health with explanation) have drastically disrupted our families budget. In fact, we are having a very difficult time making utility payments and buying food.

Hopefully, this loan modification hardship letter will demonstrate to you that I would, indeed, have the ability to pay my mortgage if the monthly payment amount were smaller. I am enclosing a recent check stub as proof of income. I am also enclosing a list of current obligations which includes all credit cards, average utility bills, food and other expenses necessary for family household maintenance.

Fortunately, I have ____ years left on my mortgage. I would be interested in a program where I was able to extend the term of my loan, making the monthly payments smaller, allowing for the decrease of my income due to my untimely hardship.

I am hopeful that you will be open to renegotiating the terms of my current home loan to avoid potential a foreclosure. I believe that it is in our collective interest to work out this loan modification.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can further discuss my request for a loan modification. I would be willing to provide examples of any paperwork to backup my disability claims - including doctors records as well as proof of my disability income. I can be reached any time of the day at the following phone number. (555) 555-5555.

Thanks you so much for your time and consideration.


Hardship Letter Guidelines

Name: (Your Name)

Address: (Your Address)

Mortgage Co: (Mort. Co.) Loan No: (your Loan Number)

I/We, (Your Name), are requesting that you review my financial situation to see if I/We qualify for any workout option.

I/We are having problems making my monthly payments because of financial difficulties created by (circle what applies):

(Below is a list of acceptable hardships)
Reduced Income
Medical Bills
Too Much Debt
Death of my Spouse
Death of a family member
Payment Increase
Business Failure
Job Relocation
Damage to Property
Military Service
Other (Please Specify)

This difficulty or situation happened on or about this date mm/dd/yyyy.

I/We believe that my/our situation is (circle one) Temporary / Permanent

This is a brief account of the situation is as follows: (explain your situation… tell them you feel you can now afford your payments)

I/We, (your name), state the information provided above to be true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.

Borrower’s Signature           Date

Co-Borrower’s Signature      Date


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    Josh- Thank you very much for your kind remarks. However, I would like to point out that I am not offering or rendering legal advice here. In fact, I make no warranties or guarantees as to the effectiveness of these techniques, expressed or implied. I am not an attorney and I am not qualified to render legal advice. If a mortgage holder faces foreclosure, it's always best to consult an attorney or otherwise seek professional advice. There are those of us that feel confident enough and possess the necessary skills to deal with mortgage companies with respect to our personal mortgage loan modification. If you are reading this article and you do not feel like you possess the skills necessary, feel free to contact me by phone or by email and I will be happy to refer you to a reputable, trustworthy, loan modification company that can successfully guide you through the process of mortgage loan modification. Thanks again, Emmett Dixson Love my Szikov!

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    Emmett - Thank you so much for posting this Loan Mod Hardship letter. I think it will prove to be immensely helpful to many people, and will help them avoid paying a loan mod company to do their modification for them.