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Why Write This? Why Read It?

From the time I can remember I wanted to be an Architect. I have been working as an Architect since 2001. I have worked in small and big firms. I have designed homes that have sold for over $30 million dollars. Other projects include hotels, government buildings, mixed use buildings, high rises over 30 stories tall, a jungle home and my first modular home where I kept a daily blog at Eustilus A+D.

From the time I realized I wanted to spend more time with my family and after I read Rich Dad Poor Dad I knew that passive income was the way to go. I began to ask google lots of questions and every time Bigger Pockets had answers.

That was about a year ago. In that time I have read many books, articles, blogs, seen webinars and even attended a weekend seminar by a Guru. No way was I spending the money for the full Guru package. However, the $100 weekend course was worth it.

I am not an expert in finding properties or how to invest your money or how to buy a duplex. That is the advice I need. That is why I come to BP everyday.

What I can offer is my limited experience in real estate from an Architect's perspective. I see these questions everyday on the forum. For example;

  1. When to get a variance (almost never)?
  2. Who do I talk to at the city to get my plans approved (municipalities are much easier on homeowners than professionals)?
  3. How to handle a contractor (lots of photos and a paper trail)?
  4. When to hire an Architect (not always)?
  5. Is modular a good way to build (yes)?
  6. What is a micro unit (it's really small)?
  7. How much of an addition may the house have (depends)?
  8. How to convert a house to be energy efficient without breaking the budget (insulation)?
  9. What should I ask the zoning department when looking at a property (lots of stuff)?

If life allows I hope to write an entry every week or bi-weekly. I will focus on what I see is missing from the forums or topics that have been asked numerous times that an Architect might have insight. If there are any topics that I might be missing or I get something completely wrong please let me know. More minds are better than one.

I hope to be a valuable resource to the BP community as BP has been valuable to me. Until next week.

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  1. Tiny 1459209214 avatar mjknight

    Just found your blog. I am learning a ton about development here in SJ and am looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Tiny 1479430075 avatar erict72

      Jake I just checked out your website and saw the video of the torn apart house that looks like zombies had attacked it and did everything they could to make it amazingly disgusting! I'll be sure to watch how you transfer that place. Insane. Thanks for following the posts. 

  2. No avatar

    I work in a law enforcement environment  and I also spend a lot of time  away from my family. After reading your blog I feel a little more encouraged on buying my first property I'm on the steps of analysis just haven't decided which property to buy. Also have a lot of doubts and a lot of questions that hopefully Szikov can answer.

    1. Tiny 1479430075 avatar erict72


      Thanks for being my first official comment on any of my blogs. Very exciting! Bigger Pockets is a great resource. Also all those books they mention on the podcasts. However, sometimes you just have to act and just have to do it! I learned an enormous amount building my own modular home this year. At the time I didn't realize how much I was learning but it was a lot. Even with my 15 years of Architecture experience. Experience is the only way. Just realize that you will make mistakes. The good thing is that I am not going make them on my next investment. Good luck and keep me posted on any projects.