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Leslie Pappas

How Equity & Capital Gains Are Different

By Leslie Pappas, 4 months ago with 0 comments

Capital gains taxes and equity are two real estate concepts that are sometimes misunderstood. Read More

Sean Tarpenning
Neal Collins

Should I Turn My House Into a Rental When I Move?

By Neal Collins, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Should you turn your house into a rental when you are ready to move? There are many benefits, but one major disadvantage that is a game changer. Read More

Andrew Campbell

Why Re-Brand An Apartment? Here's Four Reasons We Do It

By Andrew Campbell, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

Highlighting the reasons we rebrand our value-add apartments. #valueadd #multifamily #investing #branding Read More

Abelino Gutierrez

Being an investor with Children

By Abelino Gutierrez, 26 days ago with 0 comments

Being a newbie investor with a a family should not stop you from taking the leap of faith towards a lifetime of rewards. Read More

Gita Faust

Deductible 2017 Standard Mileage Rates for Business

By Gita Faust, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

Tax Deductible Car Miles - IRS Standard Mileage Rates. If you are using your car for qualified business for your real estate investing business. Read More

Carlos Zapata

3 Marketing Ideas for your Real Estate Listings!

By Carlos Zapata, 9 days ago with 0 comments

You can get a ton of listings, but what's a listing without a good marketing strategy? Here are some good ideas to kickstart your Real Estate sales! Read More

Richard D.

3 Tips for Using Social Media

By Richard D., 20 days ago with 0 comments

Don't just post your listings or services. Interact, give, and be genuine to create premium social marketing content. Read More

Wadner Cortez

New Bill S.B. 1069 Makes it Easier For Californians in decades.

By Wadner Cortez, 11 days ago with 0 comments

S.B. 1069 eliminates excessive utility fees; prohibits sprinkler requirements if they are not required in the primary residence. Read More

Paul Allen

Put Some 'Preparation' in Your Tax Preparation

By Paul Allen, 4 days ago with 0 comments

If you want to truly 'prepare' for your taxes you may need more than one conversation with your tax pro each year. Read More

Scott Price

NYU Furman Center Rental Housing Landscape: What It Means to Investors

By Scott Price, about 2 months ago with 0 comments

Investor cheat sheet of key points from The NYU Furman Center's annual National Rental Housing Landscape report for 2017. Read More

Bill Manassero

Five Skills Successful Real Estate Investors Can't Live Without

By Bill Manassero, 2 months ago with 0 comments

This article outlines five essential skills every successful real estate investor must possess, implement and develop. Read More

Duke Marquiss

Fear of Reverse Mortgages

By Duke Marquiss, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Check out why a Reverse Mortgage may be good for you or someone you know. Read More

Spencer Taylor

Three Real Estate Fallacies You Need to Know

By Spencer Taylor, 4 days ago with 0 comments

We hear it all too often - Residential Real Estate makes money and will lead to a healthy legacy. Well, they're wrong. Read More

Alex Deacon

Free advice is Expensive and dangerous

By Alex Deacon, 4 days ago with 0 comments

Dont ask your mailman for advice about an IRS or legal matter Read More

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