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Neal Collins

Should I Turn My House Into a Rental When I Move?

By Neal Collins, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Should you turn your house into a rental when you are ready to move? There are many benefits, but one major disadvantage that is a game changer. Read More

Ketan Patel

4 Phases of a Real Estate Cycle

By Ketan Patel, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Understanding real estate cycle is critical to not only manage your current portfolio but also to find new investment opportunities. Read More

Christopher Erwin

Marathon Investing, Cuckoo for Crypto & Starting Fresh!

By Christopher Erwin, 3 days ago with 0 comments

In 2018 irrational exuberance is rampant & investor bad-habits are accelerating. Time to re-set for the win & invest like you’re running a marathon! Read More

Billy Maloney

Getting in the game with a Turnkey property

By Billy Maloney, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

Many people have trouble figuring out the best way to get started in real estate. Turnkey was the way i decided to get started. Read More

Eric Teran

Don't say it! Don't! Variance....

By Eric Teran, 4 months ago with 0 comments

A deal looks too good to be true. The only roadblock is that the project needs a variance. Is it worth the risk? Read More

Roberto Torres

Getting first yes on an offer made me realize that I wanted another

By Roberto Torres, 3 days ago with 0 comments

I was looking for a cheap deal but after getting offer accepted I realized I could afford another much better property instead of a PIG. Read More

Bill Manassero

Selling vs. Refinancing

By Bill Manassero, 19 days ago with 0 comments

Sell or re-fi? Equity is up, interest rates are low but how do you take advantage of current favorable market conditions to your best advantage? Read More

Albert Bui
Carlos Zapata

3 Life-changing tips to start a Real Estate business from Scratch

By Carlos Zapata, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

Being afraid to start a Real Estate business is just a fact, but here are some life-changing tips to help you through! Read More

Chris Rawley

Gaining International Exposure with Agricultural Real Estate

By Chris Rawley, about 2 months ago with 0 comments

Real Estate investors should consider international diversification. Agriculture is one of the ways to do that. Read More

Patrick Antos

2018 can be your year w/ some help

By Patrick Antos, 23 days ago with 0 comments

Finding yourself a great guide to scale your business could be your best decision in 2018! Read More

Spencer Taylor

Three Real Estate Fallacies You Need to Know

By Spencer Taylor, 4 days ago with 0 comments

We hear it all too often - Residential Real Estate makes money and will lead to a healthy legacy. Well, they're wrong. Read More

Jordan Glenn
Carlos Zapata

3 Marketing Ideas for your Real Estate Listings!

By Carlos Zapata, 9 days ago with 0 comments

You can get a ton of listings, but what's a listing without a good marketing strategy? Here are some good ideas to kickstart your Real Estate sales! Read More

Adam A.

Toledo, OH New Lead Rental Ordinance

By Adam A., 22 days ago with 0 comments

4 Reasons why Toledo, Oh landlords and investors should get their rentals lead inspected ASAP. Read More

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