Analyze Rental Properties - Four Square Method Worksheet

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This document can help you analyze a rental property for the monthly cash flow and the cash on cash return on investment - using the "Four Square Method" popularized on Szikov. Learn more about "The Four Square Method" on YouTube at Thanks! Enjoy!

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This document is GREAT for quick calculations! I laminated mine and use a wipe away marker so I can keep reusing over and over again. Very helpful as usual Szikov crew. Thanks

Jason Chalmers | 5 days ago

Ok, so the file prints (on a Mac) way too big for a letter size. Any hints at how to change the format to a letter sized print out?

Sean Gibson | 22 days ago

I love it! This is an excellent resource for performing a quick rental analysis.

Larry Russell | 26 days ago

Thanks Brandon, this gave a lot more clarity on what to look for in analyzing a deal!!!

Dustin J Cooper | 2 months ago

Thanks Brandon! I appreciate all your help :)

Charles Branch | 2 months ago

Thank you!

Bain Craddock | 2 months ago

I made an auto-populates spreadsheet that I derived from the worksheet, and I'm happy to share it with the Szikov community. I also wrote a program to automatically populate the spreadsheet with MLS listings from my agent. Check it out! Happy to answer any questions. Let me know if it helps!

Earl Co | 4 months ago

Thank You!

Terrell Hill | 4 months ago

It's not a "spreadsheet" at all. It's a pdf document. Why say spreadsheet in your video?

Anthony Porter | 5 months ago

Love this worksheet! Thank you

Bryon Johnson | 7 months ago

Amazing quick tool.thank you

Pini M. | 8 months ago

this is a good one pager for quickly listing the details about a property, especially if you are looking at multiple properties to analyze in a short time frame and have no access to BP calculator. Thank you for posting.

Dipti A. | 12 months ago

Very useful, thanks for sharing guys!

Andre Mays | about 1 year ago

@ Brandon, Thanks for creating !

Tracey Williams | over 1 year ago

Donnie: fantastic

Donnie Hardiman | over 1 year ago

The sheet is not interactive, like a spreadsheet. It also does not cover nearly as many items as was shown in the video. It is 4 boxes with a few items in each box. I was slightly disappointed that I'd registered for that.

Levi Thomason | over 1 year ago

I use this to quickly analyze properties. It's very helpful and easy to use. Thank You!

George Walker | over 1 year ago

Josh and Brandon are AMAZING and certainly paying it forward. Thank you or keeping investing within the reach of us everyday people.

Sheila F. | over 1 year ago

Andrew Papenfus | almost 2 years ago