Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

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This is a PDF eBook of the popular online book "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing" put out by Szikov in 2013. This guide will walk a beginner step by step through the real estate investing world and give a broad overview of the many different paths, methods, terms and strategies needed to become successful in real estate.

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  • Small 1501851037 avatar kennethb73

    Laying the foundation to my 1st million!! Thanks for the info!

    Kenneth Bernard, 5 months ago

  • Small 1501303655 avatar idealia

    I'm SOOOO excited to have this! This book and Szikov.com is EXACTLY what I need! Thank you for providing this!!!!

    Idealia Cleveland, 5 months ago

  • Small 1500949384 avatar pwa2

    About to start reading...let's see how it goes :)

    Peter Amendola, 5 months ago

  • Small 1502066473 avatar rickp42

    It is appreciated, especially the podcasts, soon the forums, then I'm off to buy most of Detroit.

    Rick Pinney, 7 months ago

  • Small 1485136444 avatar lisan13

    Lisa Netherland, 11 months ago

  • Small 1483251149 avatar xue

    Very Concise and to the point, even though it is 85 page long!

    Definitely worth reading over and over.

    Xue Hao, 11 months ago

  • Small 1477658977 avatar thapelon

    Thank you!

    Thapelo Ntisa, 11 months ago

  • No avatar

    Just downloaded, most grateful Brandon

    Garnett Waite, about 1 year ago

  • Small 1448397866 avatar hitek

    Thank you Brandon for sharing. I "third" that for an audio version. I know it cost money and time. May be have that Canadien guy to read.

    Tek Chai, over 1 year ago

  • Small 1460523354 avatar guillermom2

    Impressively and enlighteningly educational for those of us wanting to jump first into the REI-Flipping world.

    Guillermo Martínez, over 1 year ago

  • No avatar

    Nice eBook, I've managed to download it, now the task remains upon me on reading it thoroughly as the eBook is special for beginners of whom I belongs. Thanks indeed.

    Juma Manase, almost 2 years ago

  • Small 1453749491 avatar phill10

    Can't download either! 😔

    Phil La Mere, almost 2 years ago

  • Small 1451800951 avatar tiffanyw16

    Having download issues as well. First time attempting to download and your site is telling me my limit is four per day. Help, please.

    Tiffany Wesley, almost 2 years ago

  • No avatar

    Download link doesn't work...I've tried everything suggested by other posters....Looks like this is an ongoing issue for many many people. Give me access to your backend and I'll fix it in 1 minutes time. (I have found a bunch of problems within the site so maybe you should hire an IT guy)

    Paul Nunyabiznus, over 2 years ago

  • Small 1430965395 avatar dankingsford

    I second the audio version - is there one for download?

    Dan Kingsford, over 2 years ago

  • Small 1432777204 avatar tobted

    Is there an audio version?

    Wendy C., over 2 years ago

  • Small 1429930568 avatar damianh

    Thanks, halfway through. Very eye opening!!!

    Damian Hill, over 2 years ago

  • Small 1424713710 avatar aksj

    Thanks for sharing

    Ankur S., over 2 years ago

  • No avatar

    Thank you so much for the book and the advice.

    Kinaz Samour, almost 3 years ago

  • Small 1421434308 avatar maryanner

    Thank you so much for the advice. You saved me a lot of money by getting into some "Guru's" really expensive mentor program. There are many seasoned investors that are on this site that are willing to help newbie investors such as myself. Rather spend my money on my investments than line someone's pockets.

    Mary anne Raymond, almost 3 years ago

  • Small 1419711295 avatar kusiimwa

    am trying to download but this has failed can any one help me

    Kusiimwa Micheal, almost 3 years ago

  • Small 1457444744 avatar superstev3

    Just downloaded, in the process of buying my first rental. Have listened to BP for a while and am going to try to get more involved on the site! Look forward to meeting new people here!

    Stephen Richey, about 3 years ago

  • Small 1448397807 avatar stevieg

    Hi guys,
    If directly clicking on the download button doesn't work, try right clicking and saving the link, or save link as (etc). This right click action is "usually" available with most browsers.
    If you're still having issues post back here & I'll try to help.

    Steve G., about 3 years ago

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    Download does not work with Firefox. Try IE instead as that seems to work

    Chuck Away, over 3 years ago

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    Your download does not work with Adobe Acrobat and your system the prevents attempting to retry the download.

    Jerry Konecki, over 3 years ago

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    HELP this will not let me down load says I can only download 3 files per week. Just signed on never downloaded anything. Can someone help me so I can read this even when I have no internet connection. That's why I am trying to download this book.

    Michele Homberg, over 3 years ago

  • No avatar

    I am reading this this week. Sounds like a great way to start my journey on this site. Thank you!

    Alfred Bousseau, over 3 years ago

  • No avatar

    Jasmine Griffith, over 3 years ago

  • No avatar

    thanks so much for sharing!

    Stacey Lin, almost 4 years ago