The Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

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Just like our now famous list of the top 35 real estate blogs from August 2006, which had been seriously withered down over the years, some of the blogs here on our Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs list simply died out, while others lost focus, or quality. (Updated 7/20/12) I thought it was high time that we updated this list by creating a new list, a live list that brings new blogs into the mix. You’ll find below our new “live” list of blogs about real estate investment as well as the original top 20 list, where you’ll see all those blogs that have faded or disappeared.

The Top Real Estate Investing Blogs

To put the original list together, we looked at close to 200 different blogs from both real estate investing-related companies and individual real estate investors. Here are a few things of note about the blogs selected:

  • Any included blogs have been recommended by at least several people that I respect
  • They are updated on a regular basis
  • I generally have respect for the blogger/bloggers
  • Their content is educational and informative

There are many other quality real estate investing blogs out there, but they couldn’t all make the list for one reason or another Most didn’t make the cut for the following reasons:

  1. They were no longer active or were simply not posting at a regular frequency
  2. The blog spent too much time on topics other than real estate
  3. The blog was primarily a corporate blog, promoting the services of the company instead of providing top quality content for investors to learn from
  4. The blog spent too much time simply promoting products and services (affiliate or other)
  5. The blog used some other tactics that annoyed me upon repeated visits.

I recommend you check these out, add them to your reader, and participate on them by sharing your thoughts in the comments after reading articles on them. With all that in mind, lets take a look at the top 20 blogs (in alphabetical order, not of preference):

The Live List of Top Real Estate Investing Blogs

As I mentioned above, this new “live” list of blogs is an addendum to our original top 20 list below. As we discover great new blogs about real estate investment, we will add them to this list.

Real Estate In Your Twenties
Big Rock Investments Blog
The Buy and Hold Guys
The Investor

The Original Top 20 Real Estate Investing Blogs

1-2-3 Flip
BawldGuy Talking
The Szikov BlogAs if you didn’t know it would make the list 😉
Build Bankroll
Flip This Wholesaler – Last updated May 2012, removed July 20, 2012
Good Faith Investing – Dead as of January 2012
Life as Real Estate Investors – Dead
Live and Flip – Last updated Jan. 2012, removed July 20, 2012
Llenrock Commercial Real Estate Finance Blog
REI Tips
Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures
Tom Tarrant

Honorable Mentions:
Adventures in Mobile Homes
A Student of the Real Estate Game
The Blog Of Matt Rosen – Dead as of April 2012
Flipping Smart
Mobile Home Madness
Struggling to Get Started
The Successful Landlord Blog – Last updated May 2012, removed July 20, 2012

Congrats to all the blogs selected to this prestigious list. Keep up the good work, folks!

Please also be sure to check out the Real Estate Blogging network on Szikov, where you can read or join over 1,000 real estate bloggers who are putting out fantastic content every day.

1/13/11 Update: We’ve removed one blog from the list because it appears that the focus has changed from real estate to ATMs; we’ve added TomTarrant’s blog to replace it. We will continue to remove any sites that fail to uphold the quality standard that we believe was there upon selection for the list. We may even simply replace these blogs going forward.

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  1. What an awesome list. Thanks for the honorable mention! Honored to be included with these really solid REI blogs.

  2. Jeff Brown

    Very much appreciated — I’m humbled, and honored. I also see my reader will be having some new sources — thanks for that too.

    • Jeff – You’re the grandpappy of this list . . . no one here with more time in the game than you. I’m honored to have you on the list and as one of our regular contributors!

  3. Josh –

    Thanks so much for the mention…I’m honored! I also found a few new blogs to add to my reading list… 🙂


    • Keep flipping and teaching the rest of us, Jason. Your blog and your contributions on Szikov are top notch! Now . . . if we can only keep you out of the political forums 😉 j/k

  4. Thanks Josh! What an absolute honour to make the top 10 from a list of 200 to start with. Thank you for creating Bigger Pockets. It’s such a great place to meet like minded folks, exchange great ideas and grow as investors and bloggers. I appreciate all that you do and really appreciate the big shout out in the Top 10 list!!

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for the mention, Josh! There are a few on the list I am unfamiliar with so I’m looking forward to following them! What an honor, thanks again 🙂

    • I’m glad to expose some new blogs to you and the others, Shae. Now that you’re retired from the real world, I look forward to reading more about the real estate exploits in the blog.

  6. Woooooohooo- I made it, I made it!!

    Thanks so much for adding me to the list Josh- it’s an honor to be a part of it!

    And congrats to all my fellow bloggers who made the list, too- keep up the great work everybody! 🙂

  7. I love blogs like this. It always gives me a chance to discover new reading and I love to read. Looks like I need to go out and find some new subscriptions! Thanks Joshua!!

  8. What a great list Joshua. Congrats to all that made it. I’m still a baby in the bloggosphere. Hopefully, I’ll make the list next time 🙂 Very well deserved guys, keep up the good work.

    • Work hard, do deals, share insight, be proactive, and people will look at your blog in a similar light, Esi. See you around the net and Szikov!

    • Thanks Tom. That means a lot coming from you. You do an incredible job and are certainly one of the most respected REI bloggers out there. Keep it up.

  9. This is a great list and quite a few that we were not familiar with. As a NEW Kid on the Block we hope to be mentioned one day. Now to go and check out the blogs listed.

  10. Thanks Josh! I’m excited to be part of such an accomplished list. Keeps me motivated to continue to keep blogging.

    Bigger Pockets is a great place, I just wish I had more hours in the day.

  11. Wow Joshua….awesome list of blogs here, many of which I read religiously.

    And thanks so much for the honorable mention….I must admit that I do have to read my blog more than the others lol just a lil blogging humor (I sure hope at least one person lol’d 🙂

    Thanks again! I’ll have to crank it up a lil so I can make the OFFICIAL list next time 😉

  12. Wow…. thanks Josh!!!!

    I can’t believe we made the list out of close to 200 blogs reviewed. Much appreciated.

    I love coming to Szikov to read and share what I can!!!!

    • Matt – I only recently found your blog, and enjoyed flipping through all of your deals. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

      Hopefully we’ll see a little more of you on the forums and elsewhere on BP when you’ve got some time!

  13. I was just happy to know to know that I already have several of these set bookmarked, plus tons of new stuff to read.

  14. Josh, thanks for including my blog as part of the list. As a relative newcomer to the real estate game, it’s an honor to be recognized among such an elite group. The blog is only going to grow and improve over time.

    Congrats to my fellow bloggers who made the list, I’ve learned about a number of new blogs that I’ll begin to follow.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Keep it up, Joe. I think others can learn from the blog of a newbie just as they can from someone at it for a long time. It is all about how you present your words, IMO. Keep doing what you do, and we’ll see you around.

  15. Oh, wow! Thanks for including me on this list, Josh. I am truly honored and humbled for the Honorable Mention among this list of heavy hitters. I’m surprised to have been on this list, I had no idea how much of an impact my blog has had especially since it’s such a small area and niche of real estate investing. Thank you Josh, BP rocks!

    • Rachel – It isn’t the size of the niche or area that matters; what matters here is that you’re sharing top quality information that others can learn from. You’re one of the bloggers that doubles as a social butterfly, and it is always nice when you’re in our neck of the woods. Congrats and keep it up!

  16. Wow what a great list. Where will I find the time to get all this content? Thanks so much for sharing these resources. Maybe I can get my blog on the list next time? 😉

  17. Hey Joshua,

    You should make a little icon we can all display on our blogs. Be a great way to thankyou with a little backlink love. What do you think?

  18. Josh,

    I’m simply stunned. I just got done razzing Scott for having such a good blog and getting mentioned. Now I feel like a pinto next to these Ferrari blogs. I really appreciate the mention. It means a great deal.


    • You were mentioned for a reason, Jason. Like I said in the post, you guys “beat out” hundreds of others, so you’re definitely doing something right. Keep it up. Oh, and feel free to keep razzing Scott. 😉

  19. Josh – Don’t know how you found us, but I’m glad you did. We’re glad to be a part of this list and contribute knowledge from the commercial side of things. Keep up the good work.

    – The Llenrock Team

    • Hey Dave –
      You guys do a nice job, and represent the commercial side of things quite well, in my opinion. I don’t recall where I found you, but I’m glad we did.

  20. Hey, man – I just discovered I made the list…THANKS SO MUCH. I’m humbled…and it’s great to have my hard work over on the blog rewarded. 🙂 And to be surrounded by so many of my well-deserving colleagues in the REI blogosphere…thank you. Much obliged, my friend.

    …jp moses

  21. Oofta… our blog didn’t make it 🙁

    Well one thing about exclusive top lists is that it discriminates the good from the bad. Looks like we’re going to have to hit the blog harder, but now at least it gives me a good goal to shoot for! I’m really surprised Duncan Wierman didn’t make the cut…

    In the pursuit of this goal is this list going to be updated on a regular basis at all or just a one up kind of thing?

    Thanks Josh,

    • Ryan – The post explains our selection criteria. After briefly looking at yours, I can say that the lack of regular updates would have been an immediate reason for non-inclusion. For now, there are no updates planned, but I’m sure we will in the future.

  22. Wow a bunch of great sites. I wish I had more time to read every ones blog more frequently but have really enjoyed the blogs I have checked out.

    It makes me realize what a piece of crap site I have.

    The blog tag idea from Scott is a great idea.

  23. Hey josh nice blog.. It helps me allot on finding real estate/investment property blogs, I’m currently on this business and looking for blogs that may help me on gaining more knowledge or might be an optional investment for me thank you very much. Im looking for IP blogs that may help me improve my abilities on my properties in Queensland property investments.

    Thank You
    Mark Uden

  24. Thanks a lot for this post Joshua. Very timely for me, I’ve been searching for some of the top real estate blogs to expand my “online exposure” much faster. This list will come in handy now I’m certain, thanks again and I’d love to see some of your “Top 20” lists for other industries Josh 🙂

  25. Wow this is a HUGE and unexpected honor to be newly included in the top 20. I guess we’re not really on a lonely rock out here in Hawaii 🙂 Thanks to Joshua, everyone else at BP and the entire BP readership. I guess I really have my work cut out for me now! Aloooooha……

    • Hey Michael – We do add and remove from the list as we feel it is warranted. Just keep putting out good quality content on a regular basis and we’ll be sure to keep you on the list. Good to have you.

  26. wow, didn’t realize Flip This Wholesaler was dust. Guess the REO flipping business model wasn’t built to last : ) Inventories are drying up everywhere, #gamechanger

    Keep up the good work Josh!

  27. Nice list! Yes, the REO market has definitely been drying up, but my partner and I closed over 450 REOs last year. We primarily worked with investors and banks though. But overall it does look like the volume has disappeared for most agents. If you’re good though, you’ll still get what is out there.