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  • What does it mean to know an area?
    Started April 25, 2018
    Every podcast I listen to and every successful person that I read a blog of states "know the area you're investing in".  My question would be, what all is there to know?- Crime ... See more
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  • First Analysis of Buy and Hold
    Started January 10, 2018
    Thank you for the [email protected] Kirkwood, you're absolutely right.  Thank you for calling that [email protected] Woodrich, I didn't even think about the difference between owner occ... See more
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  • First Analysis of Buy and Hold
    Started January 10, 2018
    I found a piece of property to practice on, now granted this is the listed value on Zillow so I understand it may not be a realistic property to practice on, but the numbers sho... See more
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Surprise, surprise I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and am now on my path to Real Estate Investment.  I finished that book on my way home from Greenville, SC while on the plane.  My wif...

Member Blog House-Hacking my First Piece of Real Estate

I'm not new to housing improvements and following paths to increase value, however I've never analyzed property as an investment.  I intentionally house-hacked without knowing what house-hacking wa...

Member Blog My Why

One of the first questions you have to answer is 'Why am I getting involved in Real Estate Investing?'.  I have found I have several reasons that all come up to the same answer.While my wife and I ...