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Gladstone Rennie

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Hi, Im Gladstone Rennie and I am Real Estate wholesaler and Investor. After selling homes as a Realtor for 3 years in Los Angeles I decided to switch over to the investor side. I couldn't see myself doing anything else as career if it didn't involve real estate. I love the Real Estate business with a passion. I've seen the most beautiful homes California has to offer, met the most fascinating people, and have been able to build a comfortable living from Real Estate.

I currently focus on Probate properties which I believe is the best untouched niche in real estate. I also teach, train, and mentor anyone interested without the "guru" nonsense. And I have a few Probate MeetUp clubs so please contact me if you have any questions.

Overall, I'm in this business to create... By that I mean wealth, partnerships, and endless opportunity. My philosophy is "The More hands I shake the more money I could potentially make" I want to work with everyone and hopefully I'll be able to work with you!

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