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My name is James Wise. I'm from the Cleveland Ohio area, born and raised. As the Principal Broker & owner/Co-Founder of The Holton-Wise Property Group. I am the number one seller of Multifamily & Commercial properties in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

Holton-Wise is a full service Commercial & Residential Real Estate Investment Brokerage located in Cleveland Ohio. My company employs over 60 people and we operate a rental portfolio valued over $45 Million that consists of 800+ units and is steadily growing on a monthly basis.

I am a moderator here on Bigger Pockets and I am also a part owner in a few other businesses, including a Farmers Insurance Brokerage, Laundromat, Title Company & Self Storage Facility. I have been featured on many Real Estate related radio shows and podcasts. I enjoy writing about Real Estate investment and have had my articles published on several Real Estate related websites.

For a look at what I am up to when I am not on Bigger Pockets please follow me on Instagram @JamesWiseHWPG

I think it's incredibly imporant for entrepreneurs & business owners to act as stewards of their community. I also think it's important for Real Estate Investors, especially those who are looking to invest remotely in cities they are unfamiliar with or have no ties to, to make sure they are investing with companies that have strong ties to the community. I see many make the mistake of trying to utilize fly by night companies or those who just offer the lowest price. That is, in my opinion incredibly short sighted. Real Estate Investing is a Looong term investment. Those who look at the long term business plan & invest with companies who have the infrastructure in place to support the long term plan will have a more successful career.

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