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  • Need Rental Refinance with no/low seasoning
    Started March 31, 2018
    I am a new flipper that just completed our 3rd flip. I am looking to buy and hold some rentals but want to stay liquid. I have reached out to several lenders about purchasing pr... See more
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  • 2nd Flip - I keep getting the wrong faucets
    Started February 13, 2018
    I am working on our second flip house and we close on our third on Friday. The first flip was on a 1936 craftsman home. We bought a bunch of faucets off of amazon and ended up f... See more
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  • How would I find a manager for my flips?
    Replied January 28, 2018
    I’m considering this and would probably promote my carpenter into this position if done so. He’s there enough he sees the daily operation. See more
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